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3D models import/export
« on: Jul 08, 2014; 12:08 AM »
Hey there everyone. I've been searching through the "Guides" section to figure out if there's a way to import/export models from/to the game. Since there's no tutorial on that, I would like to know if it's even possible. Thank you in advance.  8)


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Re: 3D models import/export
« Reply #1 on: Jul 09, 2014; 12:56 AM »
Import appears to be more possible than export.
A full modding path needs both as the skeleton, animations and probably some clothes need to be exported to provide a rig for the intended import to be modelled on.

The Havok format has never been fully understood. The most recent attempts were made by Skyrim fans and it had mixed results. There were initial problems with modified animations resulting in distorted skeletons and this would be a potential problem for HG modding.

One possible import path uses an old version of a Softimage modelling tool which comes with a free perpetual license. It uses an old FBX format 6100 but there is now an Autodesk tool to convert it to modern version 7100 and into/out of Blender. Each conversion (by loading into modelling software or by formatting into FBX) can degrade the skeleton so the Skyrim modders discarded the imported skeletons and substituted the ingame skeleton to get rid of the degraded version.

The export path is far from certain or complete.
It it unclear how much stuff can or can't be exported or imported by the method used by Skyrim modders and also the tool they used, Hkxcmd, is written for the modern Havok version used in Skyrim.
The HG version is old and there is an obstacle called the "pre 600 deprecation barrier".
The Havok tools might support overcoming this barrier for exporting models but offer no support for imported models that would need to be converted back to the old 500 version HG Havok format, the old Softimage tool would be better for that.

There is now a better tool available for export, one written by the Havok people, but again the deprecation barrier has to be overcome and again the Softimage tool would be needed for importing.

Yesterday I got a static pose of a Havok model from that era (Havok running girl demo) into Blender but got only the first frame of the animation. This is not an HG model but it is a Havok SDK demo model from that time period so it was a place to start but I'm a noob at modelling utilities and learning sucks up a lot of time.

I got zero replies when I asked about getting a modding path established. The first problem is the deprecation barrier which might be overcome via the Havok SDK, there would likely be a multitude of secondary problems showing up from the many versions of tools and conversions that would be in the chain for asset conversions.

I have not followed up on it due to the lack of interest expressed.
My own interests lean towards UDK or UE4 and for that it is better not to be importing HG stuff that is subject to copyright etc so I have not put further time into the export path and the deprecation barrier.

The short answer is that the modding path is currently incomplete and while an attempt might be made towards getting one going, it would be likely to throw up complications like popping animations, whatever. You don't know until you find out the hard way.
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